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Social Media Strategy

Social Media Marketing has become a buzzword in the last few years due to its rise in popularity. Explosive growth has been seen not just in usage but engagement as well. Edmonton social media marketing has grown beyond Facebook and Twitter. New additions seem to happen every month. Instagram and Snapchat are on the rise. However they don’t quite see Facebook numbers yet. But their usage and their demographic is something small businesses should pay attention to. Using social media for business can appear to be simple. But each platform has its particular usage.

Failing to identify these can drown out your message. The broad goal for each social media campaign is for your message saw and heard by your customers. The social media strategy differs based on what service they are using. A proper social media marketing approach can:

  • Reduce social media advertising spending
  • Create specific and effective messages for each customer segment
  • Increase company and brand exposure


Facebook Users Who Login 5+ Times Daily

Daily Active Users on Snapchat & Instagram

Average Social Media Daily Usage (in hrs)


Social Media Increase Usage of 50 - 65+ Demographic Last 3 Years

How our social media team can help

There is much more to social media marketing than just posting on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We know your customers want to talk with you and be hard, not to listen to a one-way sales message being pushed by a marketing agencyWhich is why we do not entirely take over your accounts. We make sure that your message is clear with this in mind. And that none of your campaigns falls into the #epicfail or a top 10 list of “Social Media Marketing Catastrophes”.  As part of our social media marketing service we provide help & guidance with:

Brand Monitoring

We help find & secure the appropriate usernames & profiles across the social media channels. Your brand is important. We are always on hand to help to turn potential customer problems into praise. We monitor mentions across the web and all platforms to see what customers are saying about their experience. With this information, you are better able to make market corrections proactively.

Social Media Advertising

It is easy to get carried away with Social Media advertising. With smart research and customer segmentation, we can help craft intelligent PPC campaigns. This allows you to target the right customer on the right platform. We create clear advertising goals that don’t cross into your brand page and posting. We work under all advertising policies by each respective social media channel.


We’ll help develop a social strategy with you based on your end goals. Social Media Audits and competitor analysis will help you meet these goals. Whether we help create your social media presence from scratch or following up on your previous marketing teams efforts. We’ll teach you how to take advantage of the social web and drive visitors to your site successfully.

Reporting & Analytics

Data has become more critical than ever in today’s online marketing world. Luckily each social media platform comes with built-in comprehensive data and analytics tools. These allow us to gauge the effectiveness of posts, messages and advertising. It also will give you a bigger picture of the various types of customers you have. Monthly reporting allows for quick changes and tactics to be implemented.

Viral Marketing Campaigns

 Most people think that viral marketing happens by chance or by luck. There is truth to that to an extent. But with research and following trends, it is possible to be on the cutting edge in your industry. Whether that is using different technology or relating to current pop culture, these campaigns can be massive. We use tools like BuzzSumo and Google Trends to follow the conversation online.

Management Services

We handle the full suite of Social Media platforms. Such as Facebook or Twitter. We clarify, plan, implement and measure your social media objectives. We personalise a social strategy for your brand because it is not a one size fits all.
As a result, each channel messages follow your guidelines. And create a familiar experience for your customers.

Let's Work Together!

Social Media Marketing FAQ

What are you going to post?
First of all, in our initial stages of our business relationship, we work to establish a deep level of trust and communication. For things to work smoothly, we will work with you in figuring out what content to produce. Most of all, posting may need to be done quickly. Thus, we will rely on that level of trust so we can deliver it in a reasonable time.
What kind of reports will I receive?
We work with you to figure out the type of reporting that will be the most beneficial to your company. We prefer not to overwhelm with numbers, as they may not all be applicable. Google Analytics will be a tool in our arsenal as well as the built in reporting features from the likes of Facebook, Twitter. These track engagement, new likes, comments, check-ins etc.
Which social media platforms are right for me?
It can be easy to over extend on social media (or your budget). Therefore, we will give you honest feedback on where you need to be. And how to help you figure out what’s truly best for your business.
Can you train my employees to run our company's social media?
Of course! Digital Exhale offers consulting which can help you build an effective social media strategy for you and your company. Training can take anywhere from 30-90 days depending on the size of your business. This includes:

  • Training sessions
  • Monitoring of your employees posts
  • Answering questions and helping troubleshoot