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Pay-per-click specialists focusing on better return on Ad spend on Google Adwords, Youtube and Social Media campaigns.

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Online Advertising Made Easy

We help small businesses create strategic PPC Advertising campaigns. Our approach targets and refines your customer segment and message based on your specific products or services you offer. Which means more traffic and more leads. In 2018, digital advertising ad spend is set to surpass traditional advertising for the first time. This comes to no surprise, due to ever growing amount devices people own and spend time on.

With the rising popularity, brings more competition to the market. Making it essential to have a perfectly crafted campaign that escapes the norm and demands engagement from potential customers. Digital Exhale helps identify the right technologies to use, whether that is Social Media, Google Adwords or Youtube advertising. We work with all budgets. Our system takes any budget and makes it a “smart budget”. These smart budgets empower small businesses. Knowing how much to pay-per-click, for each campaign and customer takes the guesswork out of advertising.

Our Digital Advertising Strategy

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Create Your Customer “Avatars”

By creating different avatars, your ads create a personalised feel. We don’t craft campaigns for algorithms and robots. We craft them for people.

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“Story Map” Your Product or Service

By discovering what problem your product or service solves allows for compelling ad copy that resonates and respects what your customer needs.

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Target The Right Technology

Your demographic is the best indicator of to which platform you should lead within your advertising campaign. Choosing wisely at this stage leads to less headache in the future

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Smart Budgeting

Factoring in your monthly Smart Budgeting helps figures out the right amount to budget for and optimise the highest possible % return on ad spend. CPC, Conversion Rate and average customer sale.

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Google Adwords – Search & Display PPC

When it comes to digital advertising Google Adwords is the king. 5% of all internet traffic is using Google. With this, you will have plenty of potential customers to reach with your ad campaigns. Search Network Ads have high conversion rates. Due to the fact you can target specific keywords or phrases that are in the purchasing stage of the sales funnel.

Depending on your product or service, the Display Network ads might better suit your business goals. These are the visual ads displayed on related websites that match your product. If you are starting out, advertising on Google is faster than doing SEO. Doing so is an excellent workaround for new businesses because you don’t have to wait around while your SEO is developing.

Precise tracking and reporting give immediate feedback on ad spend. It also allows us to pivot campaigns to adjust to market needs.

Youtube Advertising

Following only after Google, Youtube is the second biggest search engine on the platform. With approximately 1.5 billion users logging in each month. Youtube allows for various types of video ads. These range from short non-skippable to built-in call-to-action ads (clickable).
Youtube advertising are engaging, targeted, trackable, affordable and the future of digital advertising. This platform is for the creatives who are looking to develop brand loyalty further. It is not for the faint of heart. With the number of videos fighting for attention, coupled with users attention spans at 8 seconds (from 12 seconds 6 years ago!) creating a compelling ad is essential.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is home to a huge user base. It has become more than a social network from peer to peer over the years. Customers are now closer than ever to their favourite brands and companies. Its opened the doors for open communication between both and both have benefited from this.
Facebook has the same if not more levels Ad customisation to find your ideal client. Being customisable allows more creativity to flow when drafting up an advertising campaign. Business pages after recent updates have seen a decline of visibility for your fans. Advertising on Facebook, as well as having a brand presence is the best approach to staying in the forefront.

Instagram Advertising

Since Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012, monthly user growth has skyrocketed. Starting from ~100M users to over 700M! Instagram is a great platform because it shares data with Facebook. This means that you can target the same audience without needing to start from scratch.

Instagram has a high level of engagement with its users. With smartphone camera access, new photos are immediately posted for the world to see. Instagram offers various engaging advertisements:

  • Photo ads
  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads

Your customer demographics is the driving factor in your decision on whether to use this platform or not. 55% of the userbase is in the 18-29 age range and dips from there to 28% in the 30-49 bracket. Instagram can be a great tool in your arsenal to represent your brand or business.

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