Introducing The New Google My Business Post Types

Google My Business (GMB) previously had two types of posts for augmenting your business’s search results. With the older version, you could claim your business to add information about it. You can create What’s New posts and Product posts, which made it easy to add news and photos about items customers might be interested in.

Google recently introduced two new post types that are now available from your Google My Business account. These are Event posts and Offer posts.

Event posts, as the name suggests, give you the power to advertise events that might be going on at your business. Such as, product releases, special guests, and much more. These posts require a title and a starting and ending time/date. Other options include the addition of photos, videos, links, short descriptions, and a call to action button.

Google My Business Event Post

Offer posts are similar to Event posts in that they require a title and a start and ending time/date and have many options for customization. Offer posts differ from Event posts in that they are designed with a call to action button already included and have space for coupon codes and terms and conditions in addition to the options for photos, links, and other engaging content.


How it Works


Making use of the new posts in GMB can be pretty simple if you are checking and updating your content regularly. With the new variety of options, you can use different post types for various events, offers, products, or news.

Google is committed to providing as much information as possible. Which is why Google is encouraging businesses that already have free listings to post new relevant information that will appear in searches. Taking advantage of this is free advertising since relevant posts will now appear at the top of searches in Google maps. Consumers are increasingly using Google platforms such as Maps to find the businesses they want to visit. By monitoring your Google My Business listing and adding relevant information, consumers can find relevant businesses more efficiently.

When you create a post in GMB, it shows up on your GMB posts feed, which is displayed along with your business listing in a Google search. Consumers can view these posts at any time, but posts with current content can be displayed alongside your business’s information in Maps and searches that come up as a customer looks for companies that fit their current needs.

If you’ve ever searched “pizza near me” and noticed a coupon code for a local pizza parlour, you’ve no doubt discovered how effective these small ads could be.

Using the right kind of post in Google My Business will ensure that the post is more engaging and therefore more likely to be noticed by the right customers. Figuring out which kind of post to use is simple:

  • If there is to be an event or any sort, try using an Event post. Take advantage of the date and time that will be displayed, so customers know exactly when to show up.
  • If something cool and newsworthy happened that you’d like potential customers to be aware of, try out a What’s New post.
  • You might have a limited time offer you want customers to be aware of, in which case an Offer post will be your best bet.
  • Sometimes merely pointing out that you have a new or popular product can get people’s attention; use a Product post to do this.

Take advantage of the different post types to help create engaging content that will attract more customers as they browse through listings on Google.


GMB Offer Post

Optimizing your Google My Business Page


Just claiming your GMB account is an excellent first step, but you don’t want only to perform the bare minimum to attract customers. Some simple things you can do to make use of your GMB account include the following:

  • Let customers know what’s going on by posting regularly— including posts on GMB as well as links to your other social media platforms.
  • Utilize the latest in Google technology to appeal to an increasingly online-oriented audience—rather than simply listing a phone number, include options to text or email, or add a “buy now” button, which younger consumers are more likely to prefer.
  • Interact with ratings and reviews, so casual browsers know you’re engaged.
  • Continually add photos and relevant content, such as menus or special events, to help you stand out.
  • Respond to questions posed by Google users.



Google can be a perplexing platform as information and trends change on it regularly. Continually adding engaging content such as photos and events can give you a boost over your competitors and help you take advantage of your free listing on Google.

The new Events and Offers post types give you the power to create content on Google that is relevant to your customers and potential customers. A special offer shown at the right time can quickly bring a new customer to your business as they search for a specific service.

Find out how Digital Exhale can help your business optimize its GMB listing for full engagement and ROI with your customers, contact us today!